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The consortium project "European Patients‘ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation" (EUPATI), funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, will provide scientifically reliable, objective, comprehensive information to patients on medicines research and development. It will increase the capacities and capabilities of well-informed patients and patient organisations to be effective advocates and advisors in medicines research, e.g. linkedin 40twitter 40Facebookgoogle-plus 40in clinical trials, with regulatory authorities and in ethics committees. More about the Patients' Academy

EUPATI-peopleOur new weekly blog is for you to get to know us better. But really. We’re going to tell you not only why we believe in patient engagement at all levels of health care systems but why it’s in everyone’s best interest to know more about taking better care of themselves by knowing more about the medicines research process, and how it directly connects to them. We have a Communications Team of 11 people, each of whom will talk to you about something intimate for them, hopefully something inspiring for you.