The EUPATI partners are asking for your help to provide existing educational and training resources on pharmaceutical innovation. We are interested in reviewing resources in a variety of formats, from webpages and e-learning modules to PowerPoints, pdf files and Word documents.

If the resources you are interested in sharing with us are in hard copy and you do not need them returned, you can send them to the postal address at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, please use the form below to upload and input details of the resources, including a brief summary of the resource and copyright information.

We wish to ensure that resources are as up-to-date as possible; therefore we request that they have been published in the last 5 years. EUPATI is not focusing on condition-specific (eg. cancer, diabetes) resources; however, if you feel that a condition-specific resource has significant useful content about pharmaceutical innovation, please include it.

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If the resources that you are sharing are not already publicly available, please make sure that your organisation is happy for the material to be shared with the EUPATI Consortium.

We will, of course, reference the source of materials and honour their copyright, but we may wish to enter into discussions with the organisation who holds the copyright if resources are to be used or adapted for EUPATI.

Please provide reference and copyright information in the box below, and if you are aware, please indicate whether it is compatible with the Creative Commons License.

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The personal data you provide about yourself will only be used by the EUPATI Project Consortium. Personal data and copyrighted material (e.g. PDF, Word files) will not be provided to third parties outside of the project.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to us using the address submissions@patientsacademy.eu.

Postal address for hardcopies

If you do not have a digital copy of the material, we are also happy to receive a hardcopy! Please send it to:
DIA Europe
attn. Matthew May
Küchengasse 16, Postfach
4002 Basel