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Objectivity, transparency and independence are essential to achieving our goals with patients and the general public.

Our commitment to these core principles is reflected in our work practices:

European Patients’ Academy Ethical Framework: This framework has established guidelines concerning anonymity, confidentiality, informed consent, social research, ethical review, professional integrity and publication ethics. In line with this Ethical Framework, every member of the EUPATI Team or EUPATI Committee, Panel or Task Force returns a Declaration of Interest form, which is then made available on the EUPATI website.

European Patients’ Academy Code of Conduct: Our Team members have developed a Code of Conduct outlining the key principles and values underpinning our work. Transparency, independence and trust are core to our Code. Read it here.

Independent Advisors: We receive independent and objective advice from experts contributing to a varied Project Advisory Board, a Regulatory Advisory Panel and an Ethics Panel.