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As part of our approach to needs assessment and gap analysis we try for a 360 degree view exploring both patients' and the public's information needs regarding pharmaceutical medicines development.Collectively this comprehensiveapproach will provide a strong base to inform our work going forward.

One of the methods used by the working group responsible for needs assessment (WP3) is online surveys. The survey of patient advocates across Europe is now underway, distributed by our partners EPF and EURORDIS through our EUPATI Network.

Running until September 30th, this survey is designed to take approximately 15 minutes to complete and sets out to increase insight and strengthen findings already being shared within the project. Translated into the seven Patients’ Academy languages, the aim is to increase survey coverage and enable more people to take part.

Survey responses will be analysed, written up into a report and used to inform the development of the Patients’ Academy training programme for Patient Advocates and Expert Patients. Survey results will also help to shape our Advocacy toolbox for patient advocates as well as the overall public information campaign. You can read further details of the EUPATI education and training materials at:

If you are a patient advocate or patient expert and want to take part in this survey please select the relevant link below. The survey is identical in each language.

>> Access the survey here in English | French | German | Italian | Polish | Russian | Spanish

If you have any questions about the survey, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at NOWGEN, University of Manchester. Su-Gwan is the Project Assistant for the work package responsible for needs assessment and gap analysis.