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EUPATI 2014 Workshop WaiveAlongside its patient expert training programme, the patient-led European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) has set out to inform the European patient community on how new medical treatments are developed. More than 150 representatives from patient organisations, academia, industry and regulatory affairs met in Warsaw on 2 April 2014 to plan the next stage of an ambitious European project aimed at increasing the knowledge of the lay public about the development process of new medicines. The input received at the workshop will help shape the project's strategy. Here you find the press release, our Twitter wall, as well as presentations and movies shown during the EUPATI 2014 Workshop.

Press Release and Report

Please find our press release on the Warsaw workshop here. The full report can be found here.

Twitter Wall

More than 800 tweets on #eupati2014 were sent by participants as well as "remote followers" during our Warsaw conference - and displayed live on our "Social Media Wall" during the conference!

2014-04-04 09 16 44-EUPATI 2014 Workshop Warsaw


The following slides were presented at the EUPATI Workshop in Warsaw. (Full programme, PDF)

Introduction to the Workshop & Participant Statistics

presented by Ingrid Klingmann (EUPATI/EFGCP)



Reaching a public audience on medicines development

presented by Anna Zawada, Agency for Health Technology Assessment (AOTMPol), Poland


What do people think about medicines research and development?

presented by Bella Starling, EUPATI / NOWGEN (University of Manchester)


EUPATI's framework in informing patients and health interested public objectively, comprehensively and efficiently of medicines R&D

presented by Jan Geissler, EUPATI Director

"Rare Disease Day: Discussion of a good practice example"

presented by Maria Mavris (EURORDIS) at EUPATI 2014 Workshop on 2 April 2014 in Warsaw

The following video was shown during the session "Presentation and discussion of Good Practice Example – EURORDIS"

"FASS - Presentation and discussion of Good Practice Example"

presented by Ann Maliniak, Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF), Sweden

The ECRAN educational video on Clinical Trials

The following video was shown at our meeting. It was produced by the EU-funded ECRAN project and is available in 22 languages on the ECRAN website!

How to raise interest in medicines development: Report from Workgroup 1



What were the success factors in this morning good practices examples, what about your own experience: Report from Workgroup 2

How to attract people with low literacy - Report from Workgroup 3