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Screenshot Europa 11.43.21We wanted to explore the public’s knowledge, attitudes and understanding of medicines development; at the same time, we explored the public’s current awareness of and level of involvement in medicines development; finally, we tried to explore the public’s information needs and preferences for different types of information resources vis-a-vis medicines development.

In the following infographics, we show the combined results on a European level as well as for 6 countries - France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK. All participants were aged 18 years and over. In total, 7000 members of the public were reached with the survey (2000 in the UK and 1000 in all other countries).

 Screenshot France 11.45.17Germany 11.49.16Italy 11.26.32

Poland 11.02.55Spain 11.29.41UK 11.47.15

In 2013, the European Patients' Academy set out on a massive campaign to measure the attitudes and beliefs of the general public regarding medicines development. The fieldwork was conducted by ICM research in London (